Community, Commitment, Collaboration

"Go the extra mile! it is never crowded there"

July 5th & July 12th - 2020

As a co-founder of the Game Changers902, we provided a series of virtual workshops over a two sundays. These workhsops focused on Anti-Opression, Racism & White Privilege and Black Mental Health.  

July 4th - 2020

I was invited to be a guest speaker at the Artists Untie Rally. This event featured over 20 of Halifax top talent in the musical industry. The rally was in support of the Black Lives Matter Movement. 

June 27th - 2020

I was invited to the virtual 'Drink Atlantic' online drink festival. Drink Atlantic is one of the largest drink festivals in Nova Scotia, features some of the most premium spirits and provides a host of workshops as well. I was invited to share information about ACCE and how we are supporting the Black Lives Matter movement. 

May 6th, May 13th, May 20th - 2020

As a member of ACCE, we collaborated with the Department of Community Services, Health Association for African Canadians and African Nova Scotian Affairs office. I was the moderator for this virtual provincial youth town hall series. The series was titled "Black Wellness: Not to distant to talk". During this series we talked about mental health, physical health and community engagement. We provided Dr Cinera states to offer her expertise throughout the three sessions. We engaged with over 7 thousand people.  To learn more visit 

April 2nd - 2020

Moderator of a panel discussion including the founder of Smooth Meal Prep and RNB Kitchen and Bradley Daye of Place Making for Good (P4G). The discussion consisted of Covid-19, and how they managed to maintain and thrive during these difficult times. 

March 6th - 2020

I was the moderator for the Dalhousie University 'Shift Equity' conference panel. The Panel was titled "Who gives a shift?", the panel consisted of Ellen Smith, Ashley Hill, Josh Creighton and Andre Anderson. We discussed ways the municipality could improve development, issues and challenges facing marginalized communities and how the provincial government could assist. 

March 5th - 2020 

Invited by Guidance Counsellor John Moshett, I spoke to a group of grade 3's and 4's. The group was all young black children, we discussed racism, discrimination, how it makes people feel and solutions they could use to stop it. 

February 28th - 2020

I was invited by the Nova Scotian Provincial Minister of African Nova Scotian affairs Tony Ince. My task was to speak about youth engagement, the current challenges and provide potential solutions. We were speaking to the Canadian Congress of Black Parliamentarians. This group is a conglomerate of Black politicians from across Canada. 

February 28th - 2020

As a guest into the "Role Models on the Road" program by the Business Is Jammin program of the Black Business Initiative. I was a guest panelist at Ridgecliff Junior high school. As a panelist our objective was to speak to the youth about our challenges, obstacles and success and provide helpful advise to steer them in the right direction. 

February 19th - 2020

Guest Speaker with Youth Art Connection. I was invited to speak to a group of youth who participate weekly in the Hub HFX program. We engaged and discussed different ways of making change. 

February 1st - 2020

 IDEALaw Conference Youth Justice Panelist.

Presented by Social Activist Law Students Association (SALSA). IDEALaw is a bi-annual conference hosted by SALSA that aims to bring together people and ideas at the intersection of law and social activism. This year's theme, Law, Social Activism and the Media, explores how these forces impact and shape each other.

November 18th - 2019

Panelist - Dalhousie University

Panelist for a discussion on Policing Black Lives, hosted by the Diversity & Equity Committee at Dalhousie University.

November 18th - 2019

Honored Guest/Speaker

Upon the heels of a complete ban on Street Checks by the Nova Scotia Justice Minister. 902 Man Up is hosting a panel discussion on the future of policing and where we are headed now. I was invited as an honored guest along with other community leaders and asked to address the crowd upon listening to the panel.

November 9th- 2019

Nova Scotia Brotherhood 2nd Annual Black Men's Health Conference

Invite by the Nova Scotia Brotherhood, I was the Master of Ceremonies for the duration of the day. This conference focused ont he social determinants of health affecting black men.

October 22nd-25th - 2019

United Nations International Decade for People of African Descent - Workshop Presenter

A workshop focusing on two critical topics affecting the black community; Access to justice & Youth Engagement. My focus was youth engagement and focusing on how to better engage black communities and reasons why youth may not engage.

October 1st-3rd - 2019

Intergovernmental meeting on Family Led Decision Making

An invitee to a meeting with various levels of government to discuss a new model of family led decision making for African Nova Scotian Families.

October 2nd - 2019

Halifax Regional Municipality meeting with Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)

Lead/presented during a meeting with the CAO of Halifax on the state of black employees, their experiences and treatment while working for Municipal Government.

September 26th - 2019

Association of Black Social Workers International Conference

I was invited to sit on a panel discussion for the international conference organized by the Association of Black Social workers. The discussion entailed the disparities faced by black youth + communities.

September 14th - 2019

Delmore "Buddy" Daye Learning Institute - Financial Literacy Workshop Presenter

Lead by David Divine Jr, this workshop main focus was financial literacy for the black community of Halifax. My topic to present on was Personal Branding and Contract Negotiation.

September 1st - 2019

Mount Saint Vincent University - Presidents Welcome Dinner Keynote Speaker

Welcomed new students locally & internationally to Mount Saint Vincent University with a keynote speech involving community engagement, focusing and sharing my MSVU experiences.

August - 2019

Saint Mary's University - Presentation to Social Work class

Invited to present to undergraduate students on community engagement. We discussed topics such as police street checks, racism and discrimination and suggestions to improve conditions for black Nova scotians.

June - 2019

St Georges Youth Net - Junior Leadership Training

Created and delivered the Junior Leadership training course for the Junior leaders working int he St Georges Youth Net summer camps.

June - 2019

Halifax Regional Center for Education - Amherst

Provided a speech to approximately 50 people in regards to youth, adults to take responsibility for our young people and for youth to get engaged in their communities.

March 21 - 2019

Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission - Panelist "Unpacking Systemic Racism: The Realities & Responsibilities"

Participated in a panel discussion hosted at the Delmore Buddy Daye Learning Institute. This panel discussion was created by the NS Human Right Commission to bring to light the realities faced and the hardships caused by systemic racism.

March 2 - 2019

Halifax Black Film Festival - Panelist "Diversity in The Workplace"

Sharing experiences and best practices in regards to improving diversity in the workplace.

February - 2019

St Georges Youth Net - Black History discussion

By invite, I spoke to a group of young black women about black history and community initiatives they wanted to partake in their community. The young women talked a lot about stopping gun violence and doing things for the young kids in their community.

February - 2019

Phoenix Youth & Community Center - Black history month celebration

Invited by Phoenix Youth & Community Center in the Mulgrave Park community to their Black History Month community celebration. I spoke about being involved in your community, taking care of each other and performed an original spoken word piece.

February 2019

Mount Saint Vincent University, "Being Black in the Education System" Panel Moderator

Created an event titled "Being Black in the Education System" this event was comprised of a multitude of experiences from various sectors and age brackets. The panelists shared their experiences to 70+ people about the challenges facing black students in Nova Scotia today.

June 9th - 2018

Keynote Speaker- Delmore "Buddy" Daye Learning Institute, Inaugural Ancestral Roots Awards Ceremony

I spoke as the Keynote Speaker for the 1st annual awards ceremony. My main points to the crowd were to "Turn The Lights On". Meaning we need to lead from behind and involve young people in any and all decisions to foster a cohesive environment in the Black community amongst youth and the older generation.

March 22nd - 2018

Mount Saint Vincent University Panelist- 1110 Intro to Child & Youth Studies

By initiation of Dr Christine Mclean, I sat on a panel with past MSVU graduates of the Child & Youth Studies Program from various years. I spoke about my experience in the program, "No jobs in the field" and different ways I have worked with youth and communities.

March 21st - 2018

Mount Saint Vincent University Panelist- Feminist Collective Panel Series 'Transcending Toxic Masculinity'

Invited by the MSVU Feminist Collective, I was an invited panelist along with Robert Wright, Dr. Maya Eichler and Dr. Bruce Dienes. I spoke about my experience working in communities across HRM and how Toxic Masculinity has affected populations I have worked with.

March 6th - 2018

St. Georges Youth Net Guest Speaker

During my visit I engaged approximately 15 black females in a conversation about their community and things they are passionate about. The discussion consisted of topics such as "What does it mean to be a black female?" "What kinds of things have you experienced?". We engaged in solution focused conversation about what we could do about things in their community and what issues they wanted to solve. Unanimously, 'Shootings in our community' were issues that they wanted to pursue to change.

December 4th - 2017

Dalhousie University Guest Speaker - Introduction to Community Social Work (SLWK 2010.01)

I was invited in as a guest speaker to speak to the Social Work class on community engagement. The main points I wanted to instill were "Community doesn't engage in what you do, they engage in why your doing it". Also with any community project or initiative that affects the community directly or indirectly; the community must have a "meaningful" seat at the table.

July 1st - 2017

Round table Host - Immigration swearing in ceremony for new Canadians

This event was organized by the Institute for Canadian Citizenship. Prior to the official swearing in ceremony, community members and partners - from city leaders to neighbors are invited to host ICC round tables. These opportunities are a unique opportunity to share stories and reflect on what it means to be Canadian.

May 31st - 2017

Pathways to Education - Keynote Speaker

The Pathways to Education program in Spryfield was graduating a cohort of high school students from their program and I was invited as a keynote speaker to address their graduating class.

January 28th, 2017

Roots and Branches: Sustainable Approaches to Gendered Violence Prevention - Invited Speaker

The Nova Scotia Gendered Violence Prevention Network is excited to host Roots and Branches: Sustainable Approaches to Gendered Violence Prevention, a gathering of local researchers, community-based service providers and policymakers. Over this one-and-a-half-day event, we aim to take stock of the state of the gendered violence prevention community of practice in Nova Scotia and to strategize about how we can support each other as we work for a future without violence, whether structural or interpersonal. For this gathering, the NSGVPN has identified three major cluster areas: Supporting Indigenous Women and Girls, Working with Men and Boys, and Promoting Healthy Relationships with Youth. The day's programming will focus on these areas of gendered violence prevention.

January 21st, 2017

Justice, Arts & Youth Action Event Panelist

The Justice, Art & Youth in Action Initiative is a collaborative project lead by the Michaëlle Jean Foundation(, The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia(, and Youth Art Connection ( The project aims to address justice issues, including the legacy of the Indian Residential Schools, the over-representation of African Nova Scotians in the criminal justice system, intimate partner violence, and the violence LGBTQ youth face.

June 10th, 2016

Lockview High School

Invited back to the school for a second time to provide a presentation to 3 consecutive African Canadian studies class, the presentation was comprised of materials focusing on challenges, contributions and achievements mad by African Canadians today.

October 20th, 2015

Eastern College

My colleague and I spoke to a class of 1st and 2nd year diploma students on working with children, youth and families and some of the successes, challenges and opportunities when working in the field.

November 13th, 2016

Community Justice Society Conference - Social Justice in Our Communities: What does it take to make a just community’

My colleague and I were presenting under the block 'Restorative Practices in Punitive Systems', our topic we presnted on was youth poverty in HRM and across Canada. The most up to date statistics and information were presented on youth homelessness, youth and family poverty, low-income cut off and other relevant topics pertaining to youth poverty.

January 30th , 2016

Dalhousie Legal Aid Service - Social Justice Soiree

During this event I had spoken about youth, families and communities I have the priviledge of working with across HRM. Some key messages during this session were to take a collective approach to ensure those around you are doing well, to banish the thought of "being realistic" as it confines you to non-creative thinking and get out and volunteer and meet people.

February 22nd, 2016

Dalhousie University - 2nd year social work students

Compiled and presented information on youth work that I have done past and present as well as shared some current and up-coming programs and projects I am working on. Had a heathly dicussionon about racism and discrimination in HRM and discussed issues such as gentrification, displacement and assimilation.

February 27th, 2016

Mount Saint Vincent University Africentric Support Group - Fundraiser fashion show

The Africentric Support Group (ASG) at MSVU exists to better serve the black student population currently studying at MSVU. The fashion show titled "Fabric of our DNA" is one of many fundraisers that aims to raise money to go towards developing a scholarship for black students at MSVU. I had the honor of being the master of ceremonies and the priviledge to represent the ASG and MSVU to come together for a night of fun, design and laughter all for a good cause.

March 23rd , 2016

Lockview Highschool

I was invited by Lockview Highschool teachers to talk about current youth work, community stigmatization and how racism and discrimination affect youth.